Stone Gardens

A natural material, stone in all its forms fits perfectly into our gardens. Structured in rockeries, flowering walls or fountains, it also knows how to highlight the plants in our gardens. A timeless material to rediscover as soon as possible!

A timeless foundation for solid structures

Stone has always been used in the garden for making retaining walls, in some regions with very steep terrain, terraces were built of stones found on the spot in order to create flat areas retaining the earth. Fruit trees and vines were cultivated there. These terraces, which fell into disuse in the past century, are making a comeback and are located in contemporary gardens, bringing structure and charm.

Charming walls

Another centuries-old tradition brought up to date is the flowery walls. In the past, dry stone walls were used to delineate land or fence a meadow. Always colonized by vegetation they inspired the practice of flowering walls, very easy to achieve. They also serve as a shelter for a variety of wildlife.

On a large or smaller scale a rockery is essential in a garden. It remains the irreplaceable solution to fill a steep area Depending on the region, it will host alpine plants or succulents that will be pleasant in these drained and dry terrain. As the name suggests, the rock garden gives pride of place to the mineral : large blocks depicting a scree, flat rocks outcropping, or stones pierced with natural holes from which emerge plants lining … The solutions are multiple for an always successful effect.

Garden stairs

To access the high parts of a garden, a staircase made of natural or reconstructed flat stones remains a well-suited solution.

Stone becomes garden decoration…

Rustic trend…

The stone objects give a Rustic and charming touch to the garden, the troughs carved from large irregular stones placed near the entrance of a house will accentuate the “old house” side. They will also serve as a watering hole for animals. Another rustic touch is a stone bench set in a strategic part of the garden that will invite contemplation.

Contemporary trend

For more contemporary gardens, the fountain can be made up of large pebbles stacked with holes in the center for the passage of water. These pebble sculptures can be repeated throughout the garden to give it a Zen touch.

We can also add a few Japanese lanterns still made of stones at the edge of the aisles to highlight their effect.

The most passionate will be able to create a real Zen garden totally mineral where only rocks and sand will figure the landscape: no vegetation in the garden, no water either….

Authenticity, tradition, but also modernism, more than ever, stone will find its place in the garden, so do not hesitate to adopt it!

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